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  • The new single Quantic Love released!
  • Open section about us with all the articles about us!
  • Add interview Radio Studio+ of April 16!
  • Added all lyrics and translations of Revelation !

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    "One Day" The 2nd single from "Revelation" album
    "One Day", the 2nd single from "Revelation" album.
    Order and download the digital version!

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    "Revelation" preview!

    The Revangels New Single "Lapsus"

    Change acoustic live @ RadioStudio+!

    The Revangels Web TV:

    First Revangel in Dublin

    "Ultralife" The new EP of THE REVANGELS

    "Ultralife", the new EP of The Revangels (in Vinyl CD format!) containing the latest singles and two unreleased songs!
    Order and withdrawal at our next gig or receive it directly home in all world!


    NEW SINGLE "Therapy"
    Official Music Video feat ShockMC

    NEW SINGLE "Therapy"

    Here's "Therapy" new single of The Revangels released on 20 June 2018!

    It is already available on:

    Product by Stick & Carrot production
    Recorded at Rec Lab Studios

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    NEW SINGLE "Quantic Love"
    (Official Lyric Video)

    "Live at Baladin" the live EP of The Revangels

    24TH JUNE 2016!
    New EP live of The Revangels release!
    Product by Stick & Carrot Production,
    contains 4 new unreleased song, played and recording live last 2nd May 2016 at "Open Baladin" in Cinzano (Cuneo)!
    ORDER your signed copy limited version! -->"Live at Baladin"!

    "Revelation" The first album of The Revangels

    "Revelation", the first album of The Revangels. 15 tracks, 11 unreleased + 4 completely renewed from first Ep.
    Order and withdrawal at our next gig or receive it directly home in all world!

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    Revangel 2015/2016

    31/05/2013 - Finally The Revangels are full band!!
    The Revangels on stage with U2!

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    The Revangels T-shirt 2015/2016

    "Live at Baladin" preview!

    The Village (Official Live Video)

    One Day (Official Video)

    Lapsus (Official Video)

    Part of it (official video)

    Live @ Milan

    Talking about "Part of it"

    Making of...Part of it!